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Plastic Flowers’ calm and beautiful new EP, Natural Conspiracy, was already available for free streaming and download via Bandcamp. Today we’re releasing it on cassette, via Cakes and Tapes; you can see some pics of 3 of the 33 (!) cassettes available for purchase via Bandcamp and stream it all below. If you live in either Portugal, Greece or Ireland, Cakes and Tapes will refund you the shipping costs after you place your order. No more austerity for you! Grab Natural Conspiracy below, follow the band on Facebook and watch the video for “Fake Leaves” here.

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Horrible present, haunted past.

If you run a somewhat high profile site/blog you surely receive dozens of emails per week. Some you don’t even bother to read and throw them in the garbage bin just after reading the headline (sorry), you might find others slightly interesting but not enough to post or there’s not enough time to do it, others contain some great, perfectly bloggable music inside and then there’s this rare sight: a sincere email where only a ten word sentence is written, alongside with a Soundcloud/Bandcamp link pointing to an awesome song performed by some perfectly unknown unsigned artist. This is the kind of email that made me want to start my own label, and this was the case with Horrible Present. “Classics at Night” was instantly gone into repeat mode and a couple of months later his exquisitely titled EP 54, I love you but it’s time to get off - which consists of his old EP 54 plus some new songs and b-sides - was released on our label Cakes and Tapes. Stream, download for free and buy one of the 15 remaining limited edition cassettes by clicking on the widget below.


Under the Quiet Sky



Plastic Flowers <3


Plastic Flowers - Fake Leaves

Here’s an atmospheric tune to soundtrack a summer love affair of a video directed by Micah Van Hove and Mishone Feigin. Two young n’ beautiful people romping around sunshine cities and sweat filled nights as they navigate through a tumultuous affair. The song seems to fill the void between them that neither has eyes to see - until it’s too late.

Get the Grecian band’s new Natural Conspiracy EP that they released this week on Bndcmp.

POINT REYES debut LP, WARSZAWA, is officially OUT. Album of the year. No kidding. And I know it’s January 12th, but 2012 won’t get much better than this.


I’ve been away for so long.

A Jigsaw's new EP is our 18th release in a bit over a year. It's been a beautiful thing to see Cakes and Tapes coming of age; to celebrate, have a listen to the title track of this EP by the best Americana band in Europe right now. They've been my favorite Portuguese band for quite a while now and it's a pleasure to get to work with them again, after they played at our birthday party at Mercado Negro last September. There are 50 limited edition cassettes (well, it came out today and now there are only 30 pieces left) for sale on our Bandcamp. It contains this track and five beautiful renditions of songs by other Portuguese acts, including fellow Coimbra bands Bunnyranch and Tiguana Bibles. A “how to” on doing cover songs - like they say, now they “carry the heart of those songs” with them. And they surely deserve it.


Easily one of my favorite songs of the year. It’s soothing, it’s comforting, it feels like home. 


Lizard Kisses - Pinch (by Jessica Amaya)

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